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@samanfagram: Sorry lads…

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Anonymous asked : do you have twitter?

Yes twitter for this blog. But I’m not using it anymore. I just go there for new updates on Gemma, follow/favourite tweets, etc…


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This is how I know winter is coming.

December is coming fellas! 

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Anonymous asked : My friend just sent me a link to an Eleanor Instagram fact page, one of them literally stated that she had been hospitalised for a suicide attempt. I don't even know what to think, like this isn't something you should make up...

I almost choked on my tea. Like why would someone have the need to make up something like this?! It’s disgusting. These people are the reason why our fandom has a bad rep. “Dark” side of the fandom. 

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Anonymous asked : Do people not realise that December is coming up? We need to have a good long set up period.

Haha Yup! December is coming closer. Be prepared

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cheyennewalkingonair asked : oh God, your anons are so stupid, dont care about what they say, you have the best blog

I’m used to it by now tbh. But thank you so much babe! 

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